End of Semester

Finally, it is the end of the semester–well almost. I still have a few more exams to go but for the most part I have conquered this semester of college. I have learned so much during this semester about blogging, html and media history. Blogging has been a new world for me and there have been many ups and downs of this experience.

Boyfriend Jeans, Mom Jeans, Hat, Halter top, Sandals, Summer, Spring

WordPress is the best tool that I could have learned during this blogging journey. It is extremely user friendly but I wouldn’t have been able to be as successful as I was with it without a few tutorials from my professor, Jon Zmikly. I lappreciate the different tools that wordpress provides to users for writing a posts, although I have struggled a bit with them. I thought the scheduled publishing feature would come in handy, but it turns out I am not quite ready to take my blogging to that level (this is my second time writing this post). Overall, the new tools that I have learned have helped me develop and hone my blogging skills.

Using social media to promote my blog was a new experience that I was hesitant about. I am not extremely active on social media to start with, so the idea of sharing my blog with my friends and family terrified me. Fortunately, my friends and family  were very supportive of my blog. My best friend even has alerts set up on her phone to notify her when I post.

In the future, I would like to improve my blog by posting more frequently. I would also like to include a larger variety of subjects like general fashion, diy, health, and life. I hope to also post videos in the future.

Because of this blog, I am much more confident sharing my writing online. Hopefully this new found ability will be an advantage for me. I have heard countless stories of people who were hired at a job because of their online personas. I can only wish that one day I will be so lucky. I have learned valuable writing and blogging skills that I hope to have the opportunity to implement in the future.

The semester is over, but this blog is not. This summer I will be soaking up the rays, hitting the thrift stores, and writing about it all in this blog.

Swap Party

Yesterday, I attended my first swap party ever. For those who do not know what a swap party is, you have been missing out–believe me. At a swap party you bring all your once-favorite clothes, nick backs, decorations etc. that are now collecting dust and get together with your friends and swap them for their old stuff.

I was more than happy to get rid of some of the things I wasn’t getting full use of. Since I am living in a dorm a little bit of extra stuff takes up a lot of room. Also, I am moving out in a few days so now I have a little less stuff to pack. I came to the party equipped with an unused journal, two unopened tins of tea bags and about 10 items of clothing that I had not worn in a while.

I traded around with some friends and got rid of lots of my old stuff and gained a few new clothing items. I would definitely attend another swap party or even host my own. If you are interested in learning more about hosting your own party, check out this website. Below you can see the treasures that I got from the party.

Yes, these are your grandad’s clothes.

Doing anything even slightly unique does not come without an array of comments from the peanut gallery. Thrifting has slowly started to become a conventional way for many to compose their wardrobe, but many still do not understand the appeal. Although I believe my thrifted style falls far below the extremely quirky (and extremely awesome) outfits other thrifters put together, I have not been exempt from a fair amount of scrutiny.
We all have that one friend that thinks you value their every opinion about your wardrobe, when in reality, you could not care less what they think. I have one friend in particular that makes a comment on every outfit I wear. While I feel glorious in the success of the $10 outfit I have carefully assembled, she always voices her disapproving opinion on my style. Never one for complements, this friend will spout statements of opposition and questions regarding my economic stability. It dumbfounds her why I would choose to buy used clothing when I could afford new ones. No matter what I say back, the comments do not cease.
To everyone who has encountered a similar situation, there is a valuable bit of information that it is important to keep at the forefront of your mind: it does not matter what anyone else thinks. As long as you feel good about what you are wearing, go ahead and rock those grandpa sweaters, hiking boots, rainbow windbreakers or whatever other clothing brings you joy. Even if you prefer not to wear thrifted clothing, this applies to you too. So let those scoundrels keep on judging!
Photo from Creative Commons Google Images
Photo from Creative Commons Google Images
Meanwhile, get inspiration from this jumping photo and enjoy this youtube playlist of thrifters who definitely don’t care what other people think.

San Marcos Thrift Shop

thrift store thrift shop san marcos
Photo from Google Maps

Despite being such an avid thrifter, since moving to San Marcos I have found myself visiting Goodwill every week–and no where else. I had been sticking to what I knew and was missing out on other great opportunities because of it. This week I went out of my comfort zone and visited San Marcos Thrift Shop.

Let me start by saying that I almost  gave up on this thrifting excursion three-fourths of the way there. San Marcos traffic has never been on my side, and this day was no exception. The placement of the store on a one-way street in front of railroad crossing and directly next to an intersection made it nearly impossible to get to. To give you an idea, as soon as I pulled in the parking lot, a police officer pulled up behind me to let me know I had made a series of illegal moves trying to get there. Luckily, he gave me no ticket, so I still had money to spend inside.

In spite of being called a “thrift shop” this store is what I would consider a typical thrift store. There was no curated items that I know of, and the prices were cheap. And when I say cheap, I really meFullSizeRenderan it. All the clothes in the place were $2, the shoes were $5, CD’s and records were 50 cents, and books were free.

Despite the wonderful prices, I did not have much luck in the store. Because the store was so small, the selection was limited. I did manage to walk away with a dress and a belt for only $2.50. You just can’t beat that.